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Ed Westwick says he was a style icon before ‘Gossip Girl,’ is bringing back the straightjacket

What can we expect to see the fashion-forward actor wearing next?

“I’ll tell you, what I want to do is a straight jacket,” he said. “Like the old punks used to wear in the ’70s. I want to do a straight jacket, it’s cool.”

Ed Westwick on BBC Radio 1 - February 7th 2011

video courtesy of shakijat

It’s not a shame to be afraid
I know you’re trying to be brave.

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Terry Richardson and Ed Westwick for Phillip Plein

That girl should be Leighton Meester, just saying!

Rocker at heart, Ed Westwick is driven by classics, those outside the sharp suiting and pocket squares he’s famous for. We’re talking good times great oldies. Donning stripes and slacks inspired by Vincent Gallo’s criminally minded Buffalo ‘66, the young star opens up to Sarah Jenks-Daly about his love for classic rock, an upcoming movie project with Eastwood and DiCaprio, and a recent flirtation with a certain all-boy rock group.

Interview courtesy of The Block

Ed Westwick looks good enough to eat in leather.

Courtesy of Anastasya

Ed Westwick looks good enough to eat in leather.

Courtesy of Anastasya

Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) He may act deviant, but at least he dresses like a gentleman? If you’re an avid gossip girl fan like I am, you’ll know he is perfect.


Ed Westwick & Leighton Meester  (Part 2)

Zayn, of all the boys, you’re the one who has been least comfortable with fame. Is that a fair assessment?

I love the fact that I’m in a band, but it’s very hard because of the type of person I was before. I was very reserved and just did my own thing. So yeah, I guess I’ve probably found it the most difficult out of the boys.